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Welcome to
the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games!

Whether you’re coming by yourself or with the entire clan, there's something for everyone! Celtic music, bagpipes & drums, heavy events, highland dancing, clans and heritage education, McKiddies center, Main field events, beer tent and vendors and so much more! Enjoy the best of Scotland... without the airfare.



Highland Dance

The Highland Fling and Sword Dance are just a couple of dances these kilted competitors will be performing under the tent. Come and watch the skilled dancers as they compete for coveted prizes and trophies.



Make your own craft in the McKiddies Castle, learn to Highland Dance, learn Gaelic, sing and dance along with our musicians and more... All free!



From fly tying to sheep shearing, spinning and weaving to quilting and rope making... so much to see and learn at the Heritage centre about scottish culture. There will be music to enjoy and Highland cattle too!


Pipes & Drums

One of the four pillars of a Scottish Festival, come listen to the cry of the pipes and banging of the drums. The bands and soloists are sure to play some of your favourites.



Visit the main field to witness uniques feats of strength, from caber and sheaf tossing to tug of war. It is all harder than it looks.


Music Events

There's something for everyone!



Every year we have a great selection of vendors who are there to feed you, dress you, adorn you and please you! If you need a kilt? Got it. Celtic arts, weaponry and instruments? Got them too. Not to mention... food!


Clan Gathering

Over 40 clans across North America join us with history displays and family members to help you find out more about your own Scottish heritage. Pick up a clan 'passport' and get family crests stamped into your book!